To stay relevant today in today’s market, the average business owner will tell you that capitalizing on social media is a major factor. No matter if you are using social media to drive business or just simply a casual blogger, the problem remains the same; capturing a faithful audience requires a large investment of time to create quality posts! Even then you must multiply that time investment by the number of websites needed to maintain presence. The good news is that DeltaBind can configure your website so it will update all of your key social media outlets automatically when we create your website!

Our clients have cheered our developers for doing this as it has saved them many hours every week and enables them to maintain a stronger presence overall! They still keep the ability to make updates right from their Android or Apple device while using a familiar social media interface, including the ability to instantly share pictures and video. So just one post to their site created by DeltaBind will make updates to all of the social media they need to maintain, at the same time!



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